Auto Attendant

When an organisation has a need to have a call management solution in place, Auto Attendant is by far one of the best places to start. It is a simple and quick application that can be up and running with little knowledge of how IVR applications work. 

It gives organisations with high call volumes and limited resources the ability to project a professional image to their customers. It avoids the issues of callers becoming frustrated when calls aren’t answered. 

Auto Attendant is designed to be used by non-specialised staff and has a very simple user interface via a web portal to make changes as business needs dictate. 

What does good look like?

The following is a list of what a good Auto Attendant solution should be able to provide;

  • A comprehensive range of functionality to meet and scale with your businesses needs
  • Call flow based on the time of day
  • Can the call flow be remotely switched when in ‘Emergency mode’? This is especially useful in situations where a building has to be evacuated
  • Is the solution easy for non specialist staff to manage
  • Can multiple IVR applications serve different DDIs? 
  • Is the solution able to support queuing calls ‘in the cloud’? In other words is it scalable for increases in call volumes. 

For further information on how Integr8 can help you in utilising an Auto Attendant please contact us