Business Continuity

In addition to the system resilience and redundancy issues, a business can ensure continuity from network failures by the use of alternative routing scenarios if the telephone extension is not able to be found.

Communications are vital to virtually every type of organisation today. Loss of communications can have a profound effect on customer service and staff productivity. Managers have a responsibility and, in many cases, a legal requirement to implement a business continuity plan.

Providing failover on IP links and SIP Trunking is a highly cost efficient way to build continuity into your network design.

In the event of a major incident, three steps are required:

  • Alert staff and ensure contact is made to confirm their safety and meet employer’s duty of care requirements.
  • Ensure communications between staff, customers and suppliers are handled smoothly and professionally in order to maintain as near to ‘business as usual’ as possible.
  • Once the incident is resolved, inform staff, customers and suppliers and restore normal communications. Evaluate the effectiveness of the business continuity plan, measuring and reporting on key response times, evaluating performance and highlighting areas for improvement

Telephony applications can be used to address each of these areas and can be deployed:

  • As CaaS (Communications as a Service) solution overlaying your existing PBX network
  • As part of an IP Centrex solution
  • As an on-premise solution to supplement your existing PBX network

Through Integr8’s partner TeleWare are able to provide continuity of communications through their hosted solutions.