Call Recording

Call Recording has become very commonplace when talking to many organisations. You might hear ‘Calls will be recorded for training purposes’ at the beginning of a call and for many organisations selling Financial Services products it is a legal requirement defined by the FCA.  

Of course this can be very beneficial to organisations as it allows them to make constant improvements in call handling and in agent training. It can also be useful to be able to play back conversations to help with dispute management cases. 

Using our solution you are able to store calls for a predefined time and make sure they are stored securely to ensure that they can only be accessed by staff with the correct permissions. There are a number of point solutions in the marketplace but our solution is able to support the mobile worker and is completely cloud based. 

So what features should you look for in ‘Best of Breed’ call recording?

  • Record calls no matter where you are
  • Works across any telecoms infrastructure
  • Handle both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Provide call recording for home workers or at off-site locations


Our solution provides all this, is 100% cloud based and is provided on a ‘pay per use basis’ rather than by capital expenditure. This is particularly cost effective where a business has multiple sites because it removes the need for call recording equipment on all sites. It is also far more resilient and secure because it is hosted on multiply redundant systems in multiple data centres.

If FCA compliance is required then additional functionality can be also used such as tamper evidence, two factor authentication and unique encryption keys.