Communications as a Service (CaaS)

The term Communications as a Service (CaaS) is becoming more widely used and refers to a third party provider who offers a communications platform and applications from an offsite secure environment. Typically the solution is offered to multiple customers to take advantage of economies of scale. 

 This means that companies no longer have to think about large capital outlays for on-site equipment; instead they have it delivered on-demand as a service. This means that the cost becomes an  operational one for the organisation. Plus it is becoming easier to deliver as the communications infrastructure is constantly being improved. 

What to expect from CaaS

  • High reliability, resilient service from multiple secure data centres
  • Fully scalable to meet changing organisational needs
  • Choice of network providers
  • Monthly service charge avoids capital expenditure
  • PBX capabilities of a full class 5 switch – meets business standards
  • Find me, follow me capabilities – included in IP centrex extension at no extra charge
  • Highly competitive call rates – save on on-going operating costs
  • SIP Trunking site connectivity – reduce on-going site costs
  • Resilience in the Cloud – ensure service availability
  • Call redirection service – never miss a call because of network problems
  • Evergreen services – all upgrades included, all new services available to users

 Integr8 works closely with its partner Teleware in delivering these services to its customers.  For further information please contact us