Give me More Data!

With the ever increasing need for data, customers and businesses are now looking beyond the traditional use of email and internet usage with many using SaaS (Software as a Service) such as CRM or ERP systems. This requires bigger data links to ensure that the service is responsive and can be accessed remotely, providing flexible working or integration to their voice services. 

As soon as we leave the office we want access to our devices and we look for the same level of service .

Integr8 offer expertise with many years of experience in the provision and implementation of both fixed and mobile data solutions.


IP Telephony services can be delivered from hosted platforms to organisations’ premises over a standard broadband internet connection. Where broadband access is already available, this method removes the need for any additional line rental or on-site hardware and is often adequate for the home worker or small business. With FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) becoming more widespread speeds of up to 80Mbps are now available for many businesses.

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile

Delivers flexible data connectivity over a choice of 2 copper pairs (up to 10Mbps) or 4 pairs (up to 20Mbps), with a minimum symmetrical speed guarantee of 2Mbps. It’s an ideal replacement for legacy technologies, some of which are being retired for leased line services.


Businesses who need big bandwidth are turning to Ethernet for fast, future-proof connectivity. With next generation Ethernet, you can exceed the requirements of even the most demanding clients.


Server downtown can lose a business time, money and worse – its customers. Integr8 has  a simple solution co-locate your servers to our data centre and never experience that downtime again. If your environment poses a threat to your business critical systems can you afford that risk? Whether used as part of a disaster recovery solution or to aid the running of business critical systems, co-location can be as scalable as your business evolves.