Dispersed Teams

Collaborative working is the key to many organisations’ success. But that doesn’t necessarily mean working in one location together. It could be bringing people together from disparate parts of an organisation into one virtual team, because they work in the same department but are in physically diverse locations, such as an HR team. Or it might mean bringing together people from around the world to work on a project, which means communication becomes paramount to the success of such teams. 

Often queries could be handled by a simple phone call. But with the advent of a far more mobile working culture this isn’t always easy to achieve. 

So what can Integr8 do to help?

  • Each virtual team can be allocated a DDI (Direct Dial Inbound) number
  • Calls are distributed around available team members irrespective of location, device or network connection
  • How calls are allocated is selectable
  • Calls for a team are announced/whispered to the person taking the call so they can be answered appropriately
  • In the event of no one being available at that time they can be placed in a queue
  • Callers can leave a voicemail and as soon a team member is available they can be alerted.