Enrich Existing PBX

Providing IP telephony over Existing PBX Extensions

Sometimes an organisation has an existing PBX infrastructure which they would like to enhance with applications for a limited number of staff, or they do not want the expense of operating their own application servers on site. Or perhaps they want a wide range of telephony applications such as conferencing or call recording.

This can be addressed by an ‘overlay’ using our hosted applications on their own reliable and secure platform. This can lead to increased employee productivity, a better customer experience and also lead to reduced costs. This can be applied to both traditional TDM and IP sytems. 

You are able to choose the applications you need for each user; they can be readily scaled up or down depending on the evolving needs of the business, and all based upon a monthly usage fee. Available applications are:

Call recording (including secure and FSA compliant)

On demand call recording


Voicemail to email

Conference calls

‘Follow me’ numbers