Fixed/Mobile Convergence

Single Number, Single switching core – Fixed or Mobile

Businesses have a real need for Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) but the solutions proposed to date have offered too many choices and have been too difficult to deploy. At Invo, we have a solution where you change the SIM in your phone and we take care of the rest in the network. It’s as simple as that. 

Using this approach we can ensure that every call, fixed or mobile, inbound or outbound, can be part of one homogenous solution, irrespective of device, network or location of a user.

Whether users are in the office, out of the office or abroad, their calls are always delivered first to our platform.  This allows all users within an organisation to take advantage of the same set of applications and features whether they are a mobile user, connected by a SIP Trunk or using our IP Centrex service. 

For organisations that have already made an investment in a PBX or may be upgrading to new MS Lync or Cisco IP PBX solution, we can deliver calls to their on-site PBXs, allowing them to be the IP routing engine for calls. This solution makes the mobile an extension of the on-site PBX.