Follow-me Number

Calls are to People Not Numbers!

How true this is.  When we do phone a number we expect to speak to someone at the end of a line, not get pushed into a call queue and then wait 10 minutes to get through. We want to call a personal number and know at  worst we are going to leave a message for that individual. We don’t particularly care where they are or what telephone device they are using and we don’t want to know a multitude of numbers where we might find that person. 

So the solution is to use personal numbers which are associated with the person rather than a specific telephone handset. That way there is only one number to remember. 

For the owner of the personal number all they need to do is log in and register the current device they are using as the location where they can be found. And if the owner is unable to take a call it can be directed to a nominated alternative contact such as a receptionist, ensuring that there is always a personal touch.