Hosted PBX

With many organisations looking at ways of reducing telephony costs one option is to adopt an Hosted or Cloud telephone service. It means that an organisation no longer needs to have PBX (Private Branch Exchange) on their premises as all the routing of calls and any other features are provided by the service provider. 

Connecting to the Network

All that is needed to take advantage of a hosted service is either an existing Internet connection such as ADSL, or an IP-based private network connection like a leased line. All communications can then be distributed across an existing LAN (Local Area Network)

IP Extensions at the Desk

Calls between users on a single system or within an associated group are typically free or if within a group of companies they can be specially discounted. Applications are provided at the desktop through accredited SIP compliant handsets or soft phones on a computer. If a soft phone is utilised it can remove the capital cost of sourcing handsets. Mobile phones can also be used as office extensions if there is a private mobile network as well. 

 Organisations can realise many of the following benefits of IP Centrex: 

  • Allows for easy expansion and contraction of phone services
  • Fast deployment of new services
  • Delivers the services on a per user basis
  • No on-site technology management
  • Avoids unplanned maintenance charges
  • The organisation focuses on core competencies rather than the telephone system
  • The service is always up to date
  • Removes the overheads of an on-site PBX but with all the same capabilities
  • Ability to use the same mobile phone for external communications
  • Ability to access a wide range of applications such as conferencing and call recording