Interactive Voice Response

Integr8 has several clients that benefit from using an IVR system which has given us market leading experience in this field. 

An IVR solution can be used in highly complex environment to provide a seamless solution to a company’s customers. From a customer interaction through the keypad of their phone in answer to a question asked by the system,  to knowing the number called by the customer and then routing it through to the correct department.  

As with all complex systems the design of the IVR must be well thought through. A lot of effort needs to be put into understanding how the business wishes to function and what gives the best customer experience when dealing with an organisation.  

At Integr8 we believe that once the set up has been completed local users must have the ability and support to make changes to their system easily. This ensures that the business evolves with its customers needs. 

What does good look like?

The following is a list of what a good IVR solution should be able to provide;

  • A comprehensive range of functionality to meet and scale with your businesses needs
  • Call flow based on the time of day
  • Can you use ‘Voice Forms’ for a structured way of callers leaving information having been prompted? For example ‘What is your name?’ or ‘How  would you rate your agent today?’
  • Can the call flow be remotely switched when in “Emergency mode” especially useful in situations where  a building has to be evacuated
  • Is the solution easy for non-specialist staff to manage
  • Does the system support integration to external systems for data interrogation and manipulation.  
  • Can multiple IVR applications serve different DDIs 
  • Is the solution able to support queuing calls ‘in the cloud’? In other words, is it scalable as call volumes increase?

 For further information on how Integr8 can help you in utilising an IVR please contact us