Mobile FCA Compliance

For mobile FCA compliance, Invo is able to offer one of the most advanced solutions in the industry.

Financial services organisations that come under the jurisdiction of the FCA have an obligation to record all communications with their customers. This means that mobile communications and text messages must be auditable.

The user experience is exactly the same and calls are made in the normal way with no access codes or other complexities.Compliance can even be enforced for overseas calls when roaming.

Any handset can be used as it is the SIM card where all the work happens. A simple replacement of the SIM card is all that is needed to get a user up and running, with no training required and nothing to change on the handset.

More importantly it guarantees compliance to meet stringent corporate governance requirements. Additionally as all calls are routed through the platform, the business has control to disable any number at any time, ensuring you can react quickly to any cases of fraud.

One of its great benefits is that all calls to and from mobiles are routed and either recorded on our platform or they can be delivered to your existing infrastructure over a mobile trunk to be recorded by any existing call recording equipment.