Mobile & Flexible Working

In a world where the ability to work either on the move or around other commitments, new working patterns have to be adopted to ensure that the workforce remains productive. 

It has been proven that a high productivity can be achieved and that savings in an organisation’s property portfolio can be realised as hot-desking becomes the norm, rather than the old paradigm of having one desk per employee . The cost savings can be as high as 40% or 50%.  This can be seen in professional service organisations where the amount of real estate they use has been consolidated as their staff are typically out on customer site, so the need for permanent desks has decreased. 

However the key to this is ensure staff are contactable through one number and customers and employers do not need to know multiple numbers for a member of staff to track them.

Staff out and about!

As workers are increasingly away from their desks they must still remain contactable regardless of handset or network they might be using currently. Calls need to be routed to their current device  irrespective of location and without incurring excess call charges. 

The Corridor Warrior

These are members of staff that spend time away from their desk but still need to be contactable via their mobile phone or another handset of their choice . By deploying a private mobile extensions, mobile devices can be used as PBX extensions . This helps to reduce call charges normally associated with mobile network tariffs. One benefit is the ability to be able to use such functionality as conference calling or call recording if needed. 

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