Global Reach

Through our relationships with the network providers we are able to deliver telephony services on a global basis. With our expertise in existing technologies and emerging ones in unified communications we are able to provide the widest range of products and services.

Mobile Voice

In today’s competitive environment, clients should have the ability to communicate with customers, colleagues and suppliers on any part of the value chain at any time. Integr8 are able to provide a comprehensive support, replacement of handsets and accessories whenever required. Integr8 will manage the full lifecycle of your mobile contract to ensure you get the best deal and value throughout.

Mobile Data

With the emergence of the smartphone and tablet users want access to corporate applications such as email, the Internet and other corporate productivity tools. These must be accessible at all times and from any location to ensure that your customers are responded to in a timely and efficient manner.  It allows the mobile workforce to be productive at all times of the working day.  

At Integr8 we are also able to provide solutions that can integrate with existing laptops that an organisation may already have. Thus there is little requirement for expenditure  or retraining. 

Unified Communications

In an ever changing world where customers and businesses require/want access, immediacy and responsiveness, unified communications is playing a bigger part in fulfilling those needs.

Pulling together real time communications services such as;

  • Telephony
  • Messaging – SMS, Instant, chat
  • Conferencing  – telephone, video & web
  • Call management
  • Interactive Voice Recognition
  • Voicemail, email and fax

These services can now be delivered across the whole organisation regardless of how they are accessed. For further information our solution on Unified Communications.

Fixed/Mobile Convergence

Where businesses have identified the need to have a mobile device as part of the corporate communications network (to act as another extension). In this way they are able to make cost savings and provide the functionality they have within their current telephony solution. 

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