Call Strategies and Management

Dealing with inbound calls

The investment made by companies to encourage customers to call can be significant and it becomes very clear that service excellence has to be used as a key differentiator in a very competitive market place. Yet, answering the phone is sometimes overlooked at a company’s peril.

Companies that have a contact centre have clear strategies regarding call handling; how long a phone should ring for, skills based matching etc. However, calls that fall outside the contact centre’s remit can sometimes be equally important to a company and not all companies have a contact centre that can deal with a large number of inbound calls.

Thus an inbound call handling strategy is vital to ensure that every call into an organisation is handled promptly and professionally. This can make the difference between achieving high customer service levels or not. As part of that strategy voicemail must be covered to safeguard that it is not over relied upon.

Elements of an effective inbound call handling strategy.

Route Calls Suitably – Ensure calls are quickly and proficiently routed to the correct staff members, whether in an office, nomadic or fully mobile

Customer Service – Provide a 24/7 service even in an out of hours situation

Team Working – If the original recipient of a call isn’t available, use another available member of their team to answer the call

Keep Messages Up To Date – If there is a change in business needs then ensure that messages can be updated by non-specialist staff (Auto Attendant/IVR)

Voicemail As A Last Resort – Only use voicemail when all routes to a member staff have been exhausted. Then ensure that the message is delivered as soon as possible

Call Management

At Integr8 we know that to have a call answered first time can have a profound effect, not only on an organisation’s profitability but also on its brand in the market place.  We all know what it is like to be left on hold; frustrating and you become very dissatisfied with the service. And with that you lose faith and trust in a company’s ability to deliver.

With our partner Teleware we are able to offer solutions that allow an organisation to add value to the customer experience by not only keeping a customer updated, but also (at busy times) being able to push calls to other contact centres or to home based staff to deal with out of hours or when there are peaks in call volumes.

For SME’s we offer Intelligent Office and for larger corporate  organisations we can offer Intelligent Connect. We are also able to offer a hosted solution in the Cloud.