Number Provision / Porting

Number Provision
08xx and 09xx number ranges

Integr8 are able to give your customers one direct route to call your organisation, with lots of flexibility for you to route those calls anywhere you want, using a non-geographic number. Non-geographic numbers (NGNs) cover all telephone numbers that are non area specific, such as those beginning with 08 (0800 for free calls, 0845 for local call rates, and 0870 for national call rates etc).

Premium Rate Services (PRS) are ideal if you need to bill callers for services you offer over the phone, such as access to specialist helpdesks. These services are delivered on 09 numbers, and there are a huge range of different tariff options in terms of what callers pay and how much you earn from each call. You can select fixed price per call, pence per minute (ppm) billing, or a mix of connection charge plus ppm.

Why Non-Geographic?

There are many reasons why a business might choose to use a non-geographic phone number, including:

  • Creating a perception that the business is national
  • Generating revenue as additional income or service cost coverage
  • Number portability – not dependent on business location
  • A Freephone number can substantially increase sales calls
  • Comprehensive call handling solutions can be incorporated
  • Multiple NGNs can be used to monitor your marketing
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery, by rerouting of the NGN

NGNs can offer you so much more than just a number; you can use the online tools to offer even more flexibility:

  • Time plans
  • Day plans
  • Monitor stats on incoming calls
  • Call recording

Integr8 are able through our relationship with Teleware to supply a wide range of numbers, both geographic and non-geographic for use with their IP Centrex services and their Hosted communications applications. 

Number Porting

Integr8 has relationships with a number of providers and are able to port numbers for changes in mobile network providers.

In many cases it would be very difficult to change printed material or if a number is well known so Teleware is able to port existing numbers for a service that is being migrated over to an IP centrex solution.