Unified Communications

In a world where people are constantly being overrun by the sheer volume of communications and information, managing email, voice, fax, texts and social media effectively can be the making or breaking of an organisation. As employees spend more and more of their working day dealing with various communications they need to be able to use that time to their advantage. 

Studies have shown that by utilising unified communications, mobile users experienced a time saving gain of 70% when compared to using the  traditional means of checking for messages. 

Typically the return on investment in Unified Communications can be less than 2 years to realise an increase in employee productivity, as well as the ability of staff to be more flexible in terms of their working patterns. 

Where Unified Communications comes into its own is when the following four challenges are addressed:

  • Managing multiple communications tools and devices
  • Putting an end to voicemail frustration
  • Improving call context ratios, particularly in the mobile workforce
  • Integration of mobile communications into the fixed office environment