Virtual Contact Centre

Avoiding the upfront costs

Many organisations have been reluctant to implement a contact centre even though there maybe  a business need. However this requires significant  investment in infrastructure as well as staff building  and this can become prohibitive in achieving a ROI. 

To achieve this business need a  cost effective approach is to use Integr8 partner Teleware to help provide a solution that avoids a capital expenditure and only pay a modest subscription for the service. Additional applications can be added like Voicemail or an Auto Attendant /IVR can be put in place when a customer first calls. 

It works very simply by allowing staff to log in from any phone over any network and become part of the Virtual Contact Centre . As with an application it is functionally rich offering call queuing, position in the queue, customisable announcements, music-on-hold flexible call distribution criteria , call recording (including FSA compliance), supervisor functions, wallboards and management reports. 

So when is a Virtual Contact Centre Good for you?

  • Limited budget
  • Quick time to market
  • The desire to use home-based workers and dispersed staff to handle calls. 
  • The need for sophisticated contact centre functionality to help run the business